[Camo] Bauble Bag. Designed after an old-fashioned coin purse.

Bauble Bag

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We’re not afraid to say it: The Bauble Bag is the cutest thing you ever did see. The impossibly soft leather and retro squeeze-top frame unite to hold all your tiny treasures. From coins and jewels to blue tooth earpieces and earbuds, this unique pouch accommodates all your bitty baubles. Trust us, you’ll be looking for things to put in this little stunner! Each one is handmade in Texas and stamped with the Opal .R. Helm signature brand. They’re all cute, but no two are exactly alike. * Select colors with pebble grain.

  • Buttery-soft, full-grain cowhide reveals natural characteristics and texture making each bauble bag unique
  • Retro squeeze-top frame with brass hardware
  • 2.75"W x 3"L x 2"D
  • Handmade in Texas

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