[Camo] retro leather George Key Case with 4 gold key hooks and a gold button for closure.

George Key Case

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Inspired by our grandfather’s vintage key case, the George Key Case (his namesake) evokes simpler times with retro style. Made with natural, buttery-soft leather double-sided for durability, the chic construction keeps keys, gym cards, and store loyalty cards tidy and discreet in your purse or pocket. It protects glasses and phones from scratches and stops the jingle! Features include four (4) gold key hooks, button closure, and Opal .R. Helm signature brand. Every key case is handmade in Texas; no two are exactly alike. Fits standard-size keys inside case and accommodates car key fob outside case. Select colors in pebble grain.

  • Buttery-soft, full-grain leather or Italian calf
  • Leather lining for durability
  • 4 gold key hooks and button closure
  • Fits standard-size keys inside case and car key fob outside case
  • 2.5"W x 3"L
  • Handmade in Texas