Our Story: A Family of Hoarders

My mother and grandmother are soap hoarders. I've always known them to love bath & body products, and skincare has always been important to them. After all, they taught me good skincare. But hoarding takes it to a new level. On a recent trip home to my mother's, I was looking for something in a bathroom cabinet, and in the far back, I found a very large stash of bar soap. Like she was hiding drugs or something. These soaps must've been 25 years old! Large and aged and cracked. 

If I look in my grandmother's bathroom cabinet, I will find even more. Soap and lotion of all kinds. During one of my recent trips to see her, she called me to her bathroom saying, "Come in here before you leave, I want to give you some things." She is at the point in life where she is giving her possessions to her family because she knows she can't take them with her. I couldn't wait to see what treasure I was about to inherit. So, I followed behind her walker as we made our way to her bathroom. She sat down, opened the lower cabinets, and started pulling out a treasure trove of SOAP. Beautifully packaged, floral scented soap. Much of it, I'd given to her. When someone has a lot of something, give them more, right? And now it's coming back to me. Good thing I inherited their hoarding skills.

In a nod of honor and gratitude to my mother and grandmother, I give to you our new Apothecary line. We searched high and low for beautiful, unique, high-quality products from family-owned companies and paid close attention to ingredients. We will continue to add to this collection as we find additional products that complement this line and our brand. We hope you love them.

Happy hoarding!