The Blue Barn

Please meet the Blue Barn. Circa 1979. It was the first structure built when my grandparents retired from the airlines and saddle businesses and moved from Dallas to the East Texas countryside. My grandmother always wanted a barn painted blue like the ones she remembered from her travels through Germany. So, blue it is. It originally had stalls on the ground level like you see here, with living quarters above. Horses downstairs, humans upstairs. Years later, the ground level was converted to bunk rooms and a large family room where many holidays were spent with cousins. It continued to evolve along with the rest of the property to fulfill my grandparents' vision and became known as The Blue Barn Christian Retreat. There are multiple buildings that slept 200+ people, a pool, lake, paddle boats, and fishing piers. It served and enriched the lives of thousands of people over the course of 40 years. And it all started with this barn.

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