COVID-19: Together, We Can Help Families In Need

For many people, it is financially feasible to stock up on groceries and toilet paper. For others, it is not possible at all. Not even on a normal day. I’m talking about the people who can never fill their refrigerators to capacity, whose children get their only meals at school, and seniors on a limited income who are the most vulnerable right now. With schools out, many parents suddenly out of work, and seniors stuck at home, food banks all over the country are working overtime and with fewer resources. Many people need help, and here’s how we can help:

$1 = 3 meals

Every Opal .R. Helm product you purchase will provide meals for people in dire need. We will do this in our local community through the Houston Food Bank. Here’s how it works:

1 George Key Case = 25 meals
1 Bauble Bag = 27 meals
1 Pretty Pocket = 27 meals
1 Opal Card Holder = 39 meals
1 Pommel Wristlet = 72 meals
1 Blue Suede Pommel Wristlet = 81 meals
1 Cowhide Pommel Wristlet = 90 meals
1 Pommel Clutch = 117 meals
1 Leather/Suede Pommel Clutch = 135 meals
1 Cowhide Pommel Clutch = 135 meals
1 Small Crossbody Saddle Bag = 150 meals
1 Cowhide Crossbody Saddle Bag = 177 meals
1 Tack Tote = 250 meals

This list alone is over 1,300 meals! It’s hard to believe that $1 can stretch so far, but it does. Most of all, it provides hope. If you have gifts to buy...graduation, Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays...or want to get a head start on your summer accessories, we hope you'll think of us. Together, we can make a bigger difference.

Thank you!